Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Homemaker's Mentor Lesson Library & Giveaway!!


Homemaking--that is a word that does not bring joyful excitement in my life. Yes, I do it, but it is a chore. There are a few aspects of homemaking I do enjoy such as sewing, but that always seems to get put on the back burner due to time and other homemaking duties that can't be put off. Today I want to talk about The Homemaker's Mentor Lesson Library that I received for review and is a fabulous resource for a frustrated homemaker.

The Homemaker's Mentor is a Limited Edition CD featuring a compilation of  110 lessons, tutorials, "hands on" lessons, recipes and so much more that had been featured at The Homemaker's Mentor "member's only" website that was put together by Martha Greene and Rebekah Wilson. Below you can see a small sampling of what it is included.

When I received my CD I was almost overwhelmed with the information that was included. Finally, I found the Table of Contents which I printed off and then marked the items that interested me the most.  
I first delved into "A Vision of Order" which talks about setting up a schedule and how to turn that vision into reality. I found this very encouraging and helpful. Even though I know I should do this the lesson breaks each step down into bite size and makes it very doable as you work on creating your schedule.
I then went through the different recipes looking for an Oatmeal Cookie recipe. I finally settled on the Oatmeal Cookie Tutorial. This recipe has you make up your cookie mix and which you can then store. When you want to make cookies you measure out the cookie mix, add your eggs, vanilla, and any other extras, stir, and bake. I added butterscotch and chocolate chips to our cookies. They were a big hit! Next time I'm going to try adding coconut, butterscotch and chocolate chips.
Homemaker's Mentor Collage 1  
While reading through the various lessons and tutorials, I also downloaded one of the bonus books, Treasury of Homekeeping Skills by Martha Green, on to my iPad to read through. I really enjoyed this book and found a lot of encouragement. I found I could relate with so many of the author's thoughts. Many of her suggestions I had already implemented in my own housekeeping, which I found confirming.
Homemaker's Mentor Collage 2
I also was inspired to do some hand embroidery from the Days of the Week patterns for kitchen towels. I already had a new towel sitting in my stash, found some red pearl cotton in my embroidery box, copied the pattern on to the towel and went to town. I had to quick read through the stitches again since it has been years since I did any hand embroidery. Even though the pearl cotton was probably a little too thick for the pattern, I think it turned very well!
I can't recommend this wonderful resource enough. It will take me months to work my way through it all. It also will be a great resource to go through with my kids to help them learn some necessary life skills (and my skills). It would also make an excellent Home Economics course. In the meantime, I'm going to be busy doing a detailed cleaning of my bedroom and sparkling up my kitchen.
Head on over to The Homemaker's Mentor and get your Limited Edition CD for $37 plus free shipping (through October 18). The CD also includes as bonuses The Treasury of Homekeeping Skills and The Complete "Sugar and Spice" Unit Study Series.  Also, enter to win a Grand Prize Bundle of $400. There will also be prizes for 10 runner-ups. Click here to enter. Deadline is October 18.  
Lastly, I am away two of The Homemaker's Mentor CDs. Last day to enter is Monday, October 21.
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  1. Your towel is just lovely! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. I would use it with my daughter as part of her home economics curricula and to help her grow and learn homemaker skills should she choose this route. I also would use it for personal learning. I wasn't taught many homemaking skills - many skills I learned on my own. I want to learn how to sew, clean and organize better, become a great hostess for my guests, and of course I enjoy cooking and baking so I know those resources will be most useful. Thank you for the chance to win this amazing tool.

    1. By the way . . . the cookies look delicious. They wouldn't last long in my home. My husband would devour them! I love the towel too - I wish I knew how to embroider! My husband also has a set of cast iron pans that we haven't used yet, because we don't know how to take care of them. I can already tell this resource would be used quite often by the entire family. Not to mention, my husband also likes to cook and bake - he's always trying new recipes and we are especially fond of vintage recipes.

  3. Hi Beth, I missed the comment line somehow before, so here's my comment: I'll learn how to be a better homemaker. :)

  4. I would like to see the scheduling help/ideas!



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