Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Random 5 on Friday (Aug. 23)

August 23 Collage
1. Flowers for my anniversary. 2. & 3. Showcasing the Minnie Mouse
hair-do. 4. & 5. Playing at the park.
6. & 7. Planning, planning, planning! 8. Cheesecake--yum!
  1. While most everyone has started school, I am still planning. I spent all summer storing ideas in my brain and then I have to put them down on paper and boy, putting it on paper is a whole new kettle of fish. One of these days I will plan earlier (and yes, I say that every year).
  2. My husband has spent most of the week helping is parents get a trailer ready to move into. The down side is it causes havoc to the schedule. The good part is my boy's are learning things.
  3. I found a cute hair-do from Measured by the Heart that I pinned to Pinterest. It is the Minnie Mouse hairstyle and I promptly had to try it on Delani. Her hair is little thicker and longer than the little girl in the tutorial, but it turned out cute. What I really liked was the way she does makes an Easy Bun.
  4. On Thursday, Shade and I celebrated 21 years of marriage. He bought me flowers and tonight we went to the Cheesecake Factory.
  5. Speaking of the Cheesecake Factory, they got rid of my favorite cheesecake, Chocolate Coconut Cream. I am not happy!
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  1. You see I would have to walk out and not pay my bill if they got rid of my favorite cheesecake. Glad to see your wee ones new doo. Congratulations on the 21 years, few people make it that long. Bravo. I'm happy to hear also that your husband is helping his parents.

  2. Beautiful flowers! Happy happy anniversary. :) Love that hairdo too. Seriously, I can barely get my girls' hair knot-free and in a ponytail! I'm impressed.

    Stopped by to let you know that you won the Ninja Giveaway at! Email me at proverbialhomemaker at gmail dot com to claim your ebook "Homemaker's Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule" by Amy at Raising Arrows!

    BTW - it's always fun to find a fellow homeschooling mom who is also a fellow Oregonian! :)



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