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Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Homeschool Day by Kendra Fletcher (TOS Review)

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I am excited to talk about an e-book I recently reviewed from Preschoolers and Peace. Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day by Kendra Fletcher is a short, but power-packed e-book that shows how you, as homeschool teacher, can take a portion of your day to teach all ages, include what you want, and ultimately enjoy your kids more.

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Circle Time was started in Kendra Fletcher's home as a way to gather her children together to start their homeschool day. They prayed, read the Bible, sang hymns which helped set the tone of the day. Gradually as time progressed they added other things they interested them.

In Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day Kendra takes you through each step of planning out your own Circle Time. She also shows you how to:
  • Figure out what you want to accomplish
  • Plan a realistic amount of time for the ages of your children
  • Expand your Circle Time as your children get older
  • Ideas for memory work
  • Keeping the little ones happy while doing Circle Time with older children
  • Get your kids on board
After all these helpful tips and tricks she has a section with questions and answers and also a section where other moms their experiences of doing Circle Time. I really enjoyed these sections since they really help show a realistic picture of what Circle Time can look like for different families and situations. There is also a resource page and planning sheets that can be printed off to help plan you Circle Time.
 Planning sheets
I have read quite a bit of information about Circle Time from different blogs that I follow and last year I actually attempted to do something similar. When we actually did our "Bible Time" (what we ended up calling it) I think it was a favorite part of my day, but it was something that we did hit or miss.
The last couple of weeks we have done a very small and simple Circle Time (again hit or miss) with just a chapter from the Bible and a reading from a book. Right now I am mulling over what I have read and working with the planning sheets that were included, to help me decide how to make our Circle Time look for this coming school year.
I am really for the perfect time in the day to do this while keeping enough time for the kids to get there other subjects finished. I also know that we will probably have two parts to our Circle Time--one with me which will be mainly memory work and reading and then one with the whole family which will include our hymn and folk song studies.
I absolutely love the idea of Circle Time and am hoping to great success with it and I found Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day to be such a big help to me. If I had any complaint it would be that there are just way too many things I want to add to our Circle Time. See what I mean?
Here are a few ideas and I have so many more!
This is such an encouraging read and honestly, I don't think you can go wrong with implementing this idea into your homeschool day. As Kendra states,
"Do you know that there is no "right" way to do Circle Time? What Circle Time becomes in your home is what is right for you." p. 32
Head on over the Preschoolers and Peace and check out all of her information and pick up a copy of the e-book Circle Time: Plan the Best Part of Your Day by Kendra Fletcher. For only $4.99 you can't go wrong! Highly recommended!!!!! 

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