Monday, May 27, 2013

Reading Journal - The Ben Reese Mysteries by Sally S. Wright

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I saw this series recomended by Cindy at Ordo Amoris and since I have been in a mystery mood lately found the books at the library. Here is what the author says about these books.
I write the Ben Reese mysteries about a university archivist who'd been a World War II Scout who uses those skills to investigate murder in the early sixties. I started writing the Ben Reese books after I'd badgered an archivist I knew into telling me what he'd done in the war. The contrast between what that was, and what he did when I knew him, made me want to create a fictional character with those internal contrasts. (
I found I really enjoyed this series and was a little sad to see it end. The mix of an university archivist and war scout made them an interesting blend. Add in all the other little tidbit of information that was included such as painting and painters, interesting places, intriguing people, and they make for a very compelling and suspenseful read. If you enjoy a cozy (though there are some intense moments) mystery I highly recommend this series.

A note: I have linked to the Kindle edition of the books since I liked the covers. They are available in paperback, also.

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