Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Diligently Working

1. Destini working on her quilt.
2. Caleb & Destini working on making dinner.
3. Chantry making his NFL draft lists. 4. Everyone working on Spanish for You.
In my life this week…
I spent this week trying to get back into a normal (whatever that is) routine after my parents' visit. It didn't help that we had a full week with a dentist appointment for me, baseball, and piano lessons.

I realized on Wednesday that I wasn't doing a very good job when I noticed I hadn't gotten any laundry washed except for towels, and they were still stacked sky high in the basket. I am happy to say that tonight my laundry is finished, though I won't talk about my ironing pile.

Friday was a big day as it was the kids' first baseball game for the season. Delani played her first game of t-ball. I don't she has a clue what she is doing, but she sure looks cute. The boys of course were excited.
In our homeschool this week…
We went back to a "lite" schedule. The kids will be participating in the West Coast ACTS Student Convention, which is a competition sponsored by our church organization where kids can compete in many categories such as Art, Drama, Music, Academics, Photography, Home-making, and Athletics. The convention encourages young people to develop their capabilities for service in the Kingdom of God. With our participation in this it makes for a rearrangement of school work to fit in these extra activities.

Caleb and Destini are working on fine tuning their memorization for a puppet show and both Chantry and Caleb are memorizing a poem. Destini finished her cross-stitch project and now she has moved on to making a quilt. She spent quite a bit of time this week working on this project and she still has a ways to go. Thankfully, most of the other events the kids are doing are finished, except for a scrapbook page and a pastel drawing.

In our actual school work there are several books we are getting really close to finishing up. Caleb finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird this week. Chantry and Destini are closing in on the end of Minn of the Mississippi and Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day (Young Explorer Series).

We also were able to focus on getting back to our Bible time and the Spanish-for-You program we will be reviewing.

I caught Chantry doing some "writing". He was all excited about the NFL Draft so he wrote out each team and then each player he thought they should draft.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
Baseball practice and game and piano lessons. I had an appointment at the dentist for my 6 month visit and happened to have my girls with me. Bless their hearts they had to sit and wait for 1 1/2 waiting for me to get out. I was not happy. It shouldn't take that long to clean my teeth!
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance!
5. Playing chess. 6. All ready for baseball.
7 & 8 - Enjoying ice cream after baseball.

My favorite thing this week was…
I have found that when give a narration from a book it sometimes doesn't look like I expect it to. Last year Caleb read John Adams by David McCullough. It seemed at times that getting a narration from him was like pulling hen's teeth, but then I noticed that though he was sharing (or narrating) a lot to his Chantry and Destini about it.

Fast forward to this year--Chantry and I are reading John Adams: Independence Forever (Heroes of History) by Janet & Geoff Benge. Yesterday Chantry was narrating and he finished his narration with "This comes from what Caleb told me about the John Adam's book he read" and then proceeded to narrate from his brother's narration.

This is not how I picture narration, but as you can see it works!

Things I’m working on…
A lot of time this week has been overseeing Destini doing her quilt. Let me tell you there is never a dull moment. It is drama all the way!
I'm reading...
I’m cooking…
Tator-tot casserole and grilled chicken (first time grilling this year!) and then the rest of the week just kind of fell apart.
I’m grateful for…
My daughter Destini. God knew I needed her to challenge me to be a better person. She is so very honest and can be so sweet and she makes me laugh.
I’m praying for…
Peace in the midst of getting ready for the kids' participation in this convention. This truly builds character in the kids and Shade and I as parents.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
Baseball season is here!


  1. Sounds like you had quite a full week this week. We are trying to work through 7th grade by the end of the summer, (we are using as our core), but are looking for a Spanish program. I will look into the one your are using. I want to work really hard on school in May, but all of the end of the year stuff for choir, co-op, handbells, homeschool group, etc is seriously getting in the way of school! I guess this is why we school all year long!

    1. Linda,

      I will be reviewing Spanish for You in a couple of weeks so come back and and read my thoughts.

      My hat is off to you that you school year round. I found that I need a break probably more so than the kids.

  2. My mother arrives next week and the house needs some work before she arrives. Fortunately they don't stay with us, preferring a Bed & Breakfast. There isn't room anyways. I am planning on some disruption to my homeschooling plans.

    My kids caught up on their laundry over the weekend but I am now about five loads behind on ours. Top of the priority list for tomorrow.

    1. Yes, my laundry has built up over the weekend. I have a schedule I follow, but it has been disrupted with baseball starting up since I can't start the load until baseball practice is finished.



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