Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Birthday Fun & More

On Tuesday Delani turned 5. We started the celebration with having a birthday party with family and a few friends for her on Monday evening. This was made especially special since her Grandma & Grandpa Kaske were visiting from Wisconsin. On Tuesday we celebrated by going to Famous Dave's.
1. The birthday girl with her tiara that she received for a present.
2. All decked out for her birthday dinner.
3. She received a doll wardrobe for a present.
4. On Monday her Daddy took her out to eat at Taco Bell.
5. Blowing out the candles. She always asks for strawberry shortcake and I usually just buy pound cake at Costco, but she was insistant that she have a big cake so I had to go looking for a pound cake recipe to make. The best thing about that was I was able to use my fancy bundt pan for once. 

We spent the rest of the week just having fun with Grandma and Grandpa. I guess you could say we are having a late spring break (though where spring has gone is beyond me!). On Thursday my dad flew back home and we have just a few more days of enjoying time with my mom. Here is run down of a few things we did.
1. We went to Salem's Riverfront Carousel and the kids got to take a ride on it. We also were able to see new animals being carved and learning about the process of being carved and painted. We will definitely be going back. Here Delani is riding her horse and Caleb was so sweet to stand beside her so I could take pictures.
2. Chantry riding what he called his "steady steed." (It didn't move!)
3. Destini and Grandma went for the mild kind of ride--a wagon.
4. Oh to be 5!
5 & 6. We did take time to work on our Homeschool in the Woods Composers Lapbook that we will be reviewing soon.
7. Getting her doll clothes in her new wardrobe.
8. Baseball started and along with it Delani started t-ball. She is hitting her first ball off the tee at practice.

We also went to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm. See more pictures of our Trip to the Tulips.



  1. We've never been to the Salem Carousel, but it's something I've thought about doing. I smiled because we have family in Wisconsin, too. How cool Grandma & Grandpa could be here for the birthday!

  2. Happy 5th birthday, Delani! What fun time with Grandpa and Grandma! Those tulips are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Happy birthday, 5 year old! :-)



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