Friday, January 18, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Edition: Baby, It's Cold Outside!!

1. Frost on the trees. 2. Caleb baking chocolate chip cookies.
3. At the beach. 4. Hi-Good-bye Ocean--too cold for me!
5. Measuring out 12'-the height of African Elephants from our study of Land Animals.
6. Pumpkin Muffins. 7. Written narration.
8. Delani rinsing dishes. 9. Destini & Delani having fun with watercolors.

In my life this week…
It has been cold here (1), especially for our part of the world. I can't get my house to warm up (without turning up the heat, and that costs money), so we walk around shivering and looking for extra covering. And yes, I know I was raised in Wisconsin, but I'll admit it--I'm a whimp!

We took Monday off and headed to Lincoln City to go shopping at the outlet mall and for me to give my bi-yearly wave to the ocean (3 & 4). The rest of the week just included the usual: school, a day of work, running errands, and keeping up the house.

In our homeschool this week…
Caleb started off this week by making Original NESTLE TOLLHOUSE Chocolate Chip Cookies which was recommend in his All American History. (2) This was his first attempt at baking anything. (I find this is the age I can finally handle them in the kitchen without getting stressed out!)

This week was getting back into some routines that had gone to the wayside. They included:
  • Morning Time: Bible reading using Balancing the Sword, Bible memory, and devotional.
  • Family devotions which includes our folksong (Caissons Go Rolling Along), Hymn (In the Garden), current events, and Bible story book.
  • Art Study and Music Study
We did pretty well and was definitely an improvement over last week!

Our Art Study had got sidetracked since I kept forgetting to order the kids' art prints from Costco. For this term we are studying Jacob van Ruisdael and Peter de Hooch.

Our composer for this term is Johann Sebastian Bach. I've been following Ambleside Online's music composer suggestions, but I ended up not having some of the songs listed,  plus personally I find Bach kind of depressing. For today I found The Story of Bach: In Words and Music audio cd in my music study resources so we started listening to it. That led to a short snippet of Tocatta & Fugue in D minor which we recognized. We then looked it up on YouTube and listened to it and then found another clip where you could see someone playing it. That version had my kids astounded at how big the organ was and how it was played. Overall, I think we had a great music study session and a jumping off point for next week.

I am inspired by…
I found this blog series, Homeschooling High School the Charlotte Mason Way through Hopscotch with iHomeschool Network and really, really enjoyed this series. Check it out.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
This was a quiet week and on Friday we headed to a gym for an hour the kids to play with other homeschoolers that meet there.

My favorite thing this week was…
Delani decided that she is capable of rinsing off dishes and on her own pulled up a chair and proceeded to rinse them (8). Too cute!

What’s working/not working for us…
The Logic of English Essentials--I know from last week that this is working, but oh, the pain and agony of learning new phonics rule and applying them! Attitude, attitude, attitude!!! I think I need to break our sessions down into smaller sessions, and figure out how to still maintain one lesson a week.

Things I’m working on…
I'm still trying to get the early to bed thing down. I did a little better this week and was able to add in our read aloud book. That doesn't mean I get to bed any earlier, but I feel better about it.

I’m reading…

I’m cooking…
More pumpkin muffins and bread(6). I have three kids who don't really enjoy breakfast, or rather don't enjoy cereal. Caleb and I thrive on cold cereal, so I don't quite get it. Anyways, they really enjoy the pumpkin muffins and don't complain about breakfast if I have some on hand.

We also had tacos (a favorite in our house) and my tried and true potato soup.

I’m grateful for…
The Word of God.

I’m praying for…
My dryer--it has power, but it won't turn on.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
Tricia over at Hodgepodge is offering a free download - Return of the Routine: Six Simple Steps to Success. I have read through this and it is chock full of wonderful tidbits and loads of ideas, half of which yet to check out.

And a reminder especially for myself, but good enough to share:

I am linking up:

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  1. I just love the way that you do a little photo collage at the front of your post. Great idea. Hopping over from Weekly Wrap Up

  2. Yum...pumpkin bread and muffins. Love it! Please consider adding this to my end of the week link up - Its a Wrap. - Savannah

  3. We have found it so cold in Oregon this week, too. I don't think my girls played outside at all. I loved Homeschooling High School the Charlotte Mason Way,too. Thanks for sharing the Hodge Podge link; downloaded it. Have a good week!

  4. Sounds like a good week, Beth. I know what you mean about the trouble of having picky eaters at breakfast. One of my girls really just isn't a breakfast eater at all, so even my best attempts to tempt her palate are met with a mediocre response.

    Yippee for read-alouds! :-)

    Thanks for the link to the Hodgepodge routine write-up. I really think I need to read it!

    Hope you had a great weekend!



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