Monday, December 24, 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Merry Christmas!

1 & 5. Decorating Christmas cookies.
2. Chantry playing a game with Papa. 3. Christmas Party
4. Grandma reading to Delani.

In my life this week…
This week started our break from school and a lot of preparations for my mom and dad's arrival on Tuesday. The kids have been having a blast visiting with Grandma and Grandpa (2 & 4). We have spent some doing last minute Christmas shopping, too. On Thursday evening hosted our church's Christmas party (3) at our house so we had a full house with lots and lots of food, fun, and fellowship! The kids also decorated Christmas cookies to give away at church on Sunday (1 & 5).

In our homeschool this week…
We took a break!

My favorite thing this week was…
My mom and dad being here.

Things I’m working on…
Well, I worked on a gift for my mom and my nephew, but with the arrival of my parent's I've taken a break. After Christmas I have another whole list of things I want to make so I'll be busy next week.

I’m reading…
Not much, but I here is small sample that I'm reading through slowly.

I’m cooking…
Tacos, Potato Soup, Pork Roast, Apple Bars, Pumpkin Bread & Five Guys Burger & Fries--oh, wait, I didn't have to cook that!

I’m grateful for…

I’m praying for…

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…


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  1. Thanks so much for linking with Collage Friday!! I hope you've had a Merry Christmas. :-)



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