Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - December 12-16, 2011

In my life this week…This was a busy week.
-On Monday evening I found out we were going to have a White Elephant gift exchange at the couple's night for my homeschool group. So I scrounged around and decided to make An Apron in an Hour and include a Taste of Home Magazine.
-Tuesday we attended the couple's night and had a great time. Caleb's 16th birthday was Wednesday so we went to Famous Dave's for dinner and then quickly went home to have a small party for him for friends and family.
-Thursday evening I decorated some towels and made another hour apron for a Christmas gift for Caleb's tutor to give on Friday.
-Friday evening was spent running errands to prepare for our church's annual Christmas get together on Saturday.

In our homeschool this week…We work diligently on school work so we can have the next two weeks off. One year I am going to be so organized and start school early enough that we can fit in three weeks off.

Caleb finished his Geography book, How the Heather Looks by Joan Bodger
and started Kon-Tiki by Thor Heyerdahl.

Destini and Chantry are enjoying Exploring Creation with Zoology 2. I bought the Jr. Journal for Chantry to use, then I began to question the wisdom of this and wondered if I should hold off for another year. I am happy to say that so far it has been a success. He seems to enjoy it and has done it without complaining. We have only used the notebook part so far.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…The three oldest kids had dentist appointments on Tuesday and Caleb had his writing tutoring on Friday.

My favorite thing this week was…Caleb's birthday. We presented him with a toolbox and likened the different tools to his walk with God. Both of his papas gave him one of their own personal tools with a scripture to add to his tool box.

Things I’m working on…I have been getting presents wrapped and I was actually able to sew. The house has been extremely cleaned with two events in one week.

I’m reading…

I’m cooking…Chocolate Cake and Rolo Pretzel Turtles.

I’m grateful for…My oldest son, Caleb! He is such a blessing and turning into a fine young man.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…Here are the aprons and the towels that I made and decorated.

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The Homeschool Mother's Journal

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