Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back to Life, Back to Reality...

The kids and I with my parents (The little boy by Delani is my nephew, Luke).

As you can tell it has been really quiet around this blog lately. I have been very neglectful, I know. My main reason is that we (me and the kids) were gone for two weeks to visit my parents in Wisconsin. We had a wonderful time!! We spent time with my brother and his lovely wife and then took a quick trip up to Minnesota to visit more relatives.

I was hoping when we arrived home we could get right back into the swing of school, but alas, that did not happen. First, we had to get our bodies back on the correct time. They were terribly confused after having to get up two hours earlier, but staying up until "normal" bedtime. Then there was this crazy cold/sinus/crud mess that I came down with, which I am still trying to get rid of! I did insist on the kids doing math, but mainly we took some time to catch up on sleep, unpack, and get back into our routines. I also worked on printing off the kids' school schedules and try to tie up loose ends for school work.

So this week it is back to life as normal, whatever that is, but school work is full steam ahead. I am hoping to get some book reviews and what we are doing this year in our school posted. I also will be posting a review later this week for WonderMaps by Bright Idea Press.

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