Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seattle Trip - Part 3

So after a morning of girl interest, it was time to let the boys have some fun. After finally finding a place to eat (which was not an easy feat when you don't have a GPS or a Smart phone) and surviving Seattle traffic (give me Portland traffic any day) we made our way down to Qwest Field which was in the process of being renamed CenturyLink Field for a tour of the stadium.

When we were finished with the tour we headed to the Museum of Flight and wandered around until our feet couldn't take it anymore!
We are crazy about B-17s!

Chantry's favorite plane.

You can't tell, but that is a Blue Angel in the background. I thought the kids were better looking!

When our feet gave out we went to eat dinner. As we were all sore and slowly getting out of our van, Chantry said, "Man, Mom, I thought we were having a vacation, not a workout!"

We had a wonderful time and made a lot of memories.

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