Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book Review: Pagoo by Holling C. Holling


Book Description:

An intricate look at tide pool life through the study of Pagoo, a little hermit crab. Every aspect of tide pool life imaginable is charmingly presented. Illustrations illumine the microscopic forms of life so abundant in the sea, and the habits and methods of survival are clearly related.
My thoughts:
For our curriculum this year, Pagoo was a pick for a science selection in our last term. If you are not familiar with Holling C. Holling's book you are missing a real treat. So far we have read Paddle-to-the-Sea , Tree in the Trail, Seabird , and Pagoo. In his books the reader is taken on journeys in exciting and wonderfully told stories. You don't just hear a wonderful story, but you also will learn about geography and natural history.

The story of Pagoo introduces a hermit crab who is no larger than the head of a pin. As the story progresses, Pagoo grows and with the help of his pal, Old Instinct, learns about the way of the ocean and the creatures in it. This is a story of survival, filled with wonderful description of sea creatures and filled with humor and suspense. It also has wonderful drawings on each and every page that help to tell the story, which you can check out at the bottom of this post.

Of all of Holling's books that we have read, I believe that  Pagoo has been our favorite. My kids really enjoyed the humor and suspense of the story, which had them begging for more, which is music to this mom's ears!

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  1. This looks intriguing! I'd love to use this as a read aloud with my 4-5th grade students next year. Thanks for the introduction!

  2. We also love Holling C. Holling. Great stuff!

  3. I have Paddle to the Sea on our history shelf, but I'm waiting until my girls are a little older for it. I didn't ralize Holling C. Holling wrote so many books. Thanks for linking up; I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for our own copies of these works!

  4. You've discovered one of the gems of art, writing and naturalism. I grew up on HCH and now my four-year-old grandson is having the books read to him. (And I FINALLY finished building him a balsawood model of a canoe!) More, if you're interested, on my semi-official HCH website,,



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