Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Review: The Dales Series by Gervase Phinn

The Other Side of the DaleOver Hill And DaleHead Over Heels in the DalesUp and Down in the DalesIn the Heart of the Dales

I learned about The Dales Series while going through book donations for the Friend's store that I am a contractor for. The cover gave it the recommendation as "the James Herriot of schools...". That was all I needed to start reading this series and I can't even begin to explain how much I enjoyed it. It was refreshing to read books filled with wonderful description of the land and people, while telling his story.

 Gervase Phinn immediately draws you into the Dales as he tells his experiences as a school inspector. He gives fascinating and hilarious descriptions of his experiences with his co-workers, neighbors, teachers and students. I looked forward to each book and felt a little disappointed when I came to the end.

If you are tired of all the memoirs being written lately that only focus on me, me, me, I highly recommend you look up The Dales series and give it a read--you will not be disappointed!

To learn more about the description of each book, look here.

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