Thursday, July 8, 2010

Book Review: Nowhere, Carolina by Tamara Leigh

Nowhere, Carolina: A Novel (Southern Discomfort).

Book Description:
Maggie Pickwick is a lifetime away from her days as head cheerleader and the mistakes she made in high school. Twelve years later, this single mom has traded pompoms for an auctioneer’s gavel, popularity for peace and quiet, and strives to be a good example for her daughter Devyn. She’s keeping it together just fine, too—until an old flame moves back to her little North Carolina town.

Renowned artist Reece Thorpe wants nothing to do with Maggie—not after what she did to him in high school—but he might also be Devyn’s father. Fed by her own pride and fear for her daughter’s happiness, Maggie finds herself on a slippery slope of white lies as she attempts to convince Reece that she’s changed. But the truth has a way of making itself known, and now Maggie’s past and present mistakes could ruin her chance at love.

My thoughts:
Nowhere, Carolina: A Novel (Southern Discomfort) by Tamara Leigh is the second book in the Southern Discomfort Series. I really enjoyed Leaving Carolina (Southern Discomfort Series #1) and was excited to read Nowhere, Carolina I found this book was a little more serious than its predecessor and it really showed that even though we receive God's forgiveness, it can be very difficult to face our past mistakes. It was interesting to see the story unfold as Maggie learns to face her past and open the door for love.

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