Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A-Z Wednesday

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This weeks letter is: Y

Your Child's Growing Mind by Jane Healy

Book Description:
The classic guide to understanding children’s mental development is now updated and better than ever!

Hailed by parents and educators, Your Child’s Growing Mind is a window into the fascinating process of brain development and learning. It looks at the roots of emotion, intelligence, and creativity, translating the most current scientific research into practical suggestions for parents and teachers.

Dr. Healy also addresses academic learning, offering countless suggestions for how parents can help without pushing. She explains the building blocks of reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics and shows how to help youngsters of all ages develop motivation, attention, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Using the science of childhood development, she also examines today’s hot issues, including learning disabilities, ADHD, influences of electronic media, and the hazards of forced early learning. From infancy to adolescence, this is the perfect guide to helping and enjoying a youngster’s mental, personal, and academic growth.

My thoughts:
This is a book that I really want to read, but am really hesitant to read. I'm too worried that it is going to be really heavy technical reading so I'll probably get around to reading this after it is too late to help my children's mind!


  1. It does sound like an interesting book. I like that idea of "help without pushing."
    Good choice for a "Y" book. Here's mine.

  2. As a mom of young adult children, I don't want to know all the mistakes I've made. I'm sure there have been many!

    Good Y book.

  3. This sounds like a thought-provoking book that is a must-read for parents.

    My book:

  4. This was a great choice for "Y"!!

    Thanks for playing!

  5. Please read it, even if you never change your parenting style, you may have a different perspective, i read everything, and then realized that each child is different, and while they write all kinds of books about children and parenting you are their mother and you will do your best. My guys are men, and while I think I may have made many mistakes it was not because I didn't try to do my best, and they are who they are in spite of me.

  6. Good choice. I read several parenting books, if nothing else they did give me some different perspectives.



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