Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Review: Magic for Marigold by L.M. Montgomery

Book Description:
The eccentric Lesley family could not agree on what to name Lorraine's new baby girl even after four months. Lorraine secretly liked the name Marigold, but who would ever agree to such a fanciful name as that? When the baby falls ill and gentle Dr. M. Woodruff Richards saves her life, the family decides to name the child after the good doctor. But a girl named Woodruff? How fortunate that Dr. Richards's seldom-used first name turns out to be . . . Marigold! A child with such an unusual name is destined for adventure. It all begins the day Marigold meets a girl in a beautiful green dress who claims to be a real-life princess. . . .

My thoughts:
I picked Magic for Marigold for the L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge. Magic for Marigold follows the life of Marigold Lesley from a little after her birth until young adulthood. Her stories are filled with many different characters and fun incidents that are faintly reminiscent of other stories in Montgomery's other novels. These stories remind me of Anne's children and Marigold's family reminds me of the the Stirling Clan in The Blue Castle. Magic for Marigold was an okay read, but not as enjoyable for me as the Anne or Emily books. I think this book may be more appealing to girls between 10-12.

After saying all that I do have to stand in awe of L. M. Montgomery gift of storytelling. She has such great stories of children's escapades it makes me wonder if she knew children who actually did (or said) such things as she records in her stories or if she truly imagined them.

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  1. I started wondering the same thing. Was she taking notes when SHE was a country school teacher? Did she do these things and/or imagine them when she was a little girl?

    She IS a great storyteller.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this book!



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