Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Book Review: Further Chronicles of Avonlea by L. M. Montgomery

Book Description:
Nestled between the ocean and the hills of Prince Edward Island is a road that leads to the house where a girl named Anne grew up, Green Gables, and to the wonderful place called Avonlea. In this second volume of heartwarming tales a Persian cat plays an astonishing part in a marriage proposal . . . a ghostly appearance in a garden leads a woman to the fulfillment of her youthful dreams . . . a young girl risks losing her mother to find the father she never knew . . . and a foolish lie threatens to make an unattached woman the town's laughingstock when an imaginary lover comes to town for real! Filled with warmth, humor, and mystery, these unforgettable stories re-create the enchanting world of Avonlea.

My thoughts:
In Further Chronicles of Avonlea by L.M. Montgomery continues with short stories about Avonlea and P.E. Island. These stories definitely have all the characteristics of L.M. Montgomery's writings, but there are several stories that are sadder and have a darker premise. Overall, it was still an enjoyable read and I had a few favorites which included The Materalizing of Cecil, The Brother that Failed, and The Education of Betty.


  1. I read all of the "Anne" books as a child but somehow never got around to reading this one, but I'd love the chance to spend more time with these characters ;)

  2. I LOVE The Materializing of Cecil! There's a Road to Avonlea episode this particular chapter was based on that is a hoot! (The Materializing of Duncan McTavish - sp?) It involves Marilla Cuthbert. Anyway, lots of fun and good memories. It's been a long time since I've read Tales of Avonlea so I'm glad you highlighted this one!



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