Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book Review: Chronicles of Avonlea by L .M. Montgomery

Book Description:
On Prince Edward Island, where Anne Shirley grew up in the sea-sprayed town of Avonlea, there was no shortage of wonderful stories. There was the case of Ludovic Speed, who wouldn't propose to the woman he had courted for fifteen years until Anne devised a plan to "speed" him up . . . if it didn't backfire and break his heart. But no one could blame mischievous Anne for the hilarious battle of the sexes that erupted when a man-hating woman and her cat got quarantined in the same house with a woman-hating bachelor and his dog. From sprawling Penhallow Grange, where a family waits nearly forever for two quarreling lovers to break their stubborn silence, to the tumbledown farm of Old Man Shaw, who awaits the return of his beloved daughter, L. M. Montgomery has written twelve tales of secret hopes and hidden dreams, filled with enchantment and humor.

My thoughts:
For the L.M. Montgomery Reading Challenge I found Chronicles of Avonlea in MP3 format and downloaded to my iPod. I read this book initially years ago during my teen years so I didn't remember very much about it except that it was stories that were set in and around Avonlea.

The stories in Chronicles of Avonlea are charming stories, full of fun, lover's quarrels, mystery and wrongs being righted, plus many stories have references to Anne and sometimes she even show up in the story. My favorite stories were Each In His Own Tongue, The Courting of Prissy Strong, & The Winning of Lucinda.


  1. I think this is one that I pulled to potentially read for this challenge too but I am so enchanted by Emily that I'll have to go back to Anne and Avonlea folk another time. :-)

  2. I think I read this years ago after reading through the whole Anne series -- the title seems familiar and I remember a book of LMM's short stories with many of them about lover's quarrels. I remember at the time thinking she was almost better at short stories than novels. I'll have to look her up again and see if that opinion still holds.



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