Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book Review: The Tale of Briar Bank by Susan Wittig Albert

Book Description:
An antiquities collector dies in an accident, a badger takes a winter swim in Moss Eccles Tarn, and a dragon discovers that there's more to life than guarding a treasure. The villagers are mystified, but our Miss Potter is on the case.

My thoughts:
The Tale of Briar Bank by Susan Wittig Albert is the fifth book in The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter series. I love the character of Beatrix Potter, her friends, and the village life portrayed. The author also has a lot of animal characters interspersed throughout her stories, which for the most part are okay but very unbelievable. (The author's intent, I'm sure!) In The Tale of Briar Bank we are introduced to more animal characters including dragons. Also, I noticed in this book and the previous book, The Tale of Hawthorn House, the author herself is doing quite a bit of talking to the reader, which can get annoying. I prefer to just read the story. So far in this series, I have enjoyed the books in the beginning more so than the last two. I do have the next book, The Tale of Applebeck Orchard, on hold and will be interested to see how it unfolds.

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