Thursday, October 8, 2009

Book Review: Friday's Child by Georgette Heyer


Book Description:
When the incomparable Miss Milbourne spurns the impetuous Lord Sherington's marriage proposal (she laughs at him-laughs!) he vows to marry the next female he encounters, who happens to be the young, penniless Miss Hero Wantage, who has adored him all her life. Whisking her off to London, Sherry discovers there is no end to the scrapes his young, green bride can get into, and she discovers the excitement and glamorous social scene of the ton. Not until a deep misunderstanding erupts and Sherry almost loses his bride, does he plumb the depths of his own heart, and surprises himself with the love he finds there.

My thoughts:
I read quite a few Georgette Heyer books when I was a teenager and lately have started re-reading them. I started purchased and started reading Friday's Child a couple of months ago, but kept getting sidetracked. My first and biggest reason was since it wasn't a library book, it didn't have a time limit on it. I kept putting it aside in favor of my library books. The second reason was that the first half of the book seemed to go slow. I am glad though that I persevered and kept reading. Once I got to the conflict of the story, I was not disappointed and finished it in two days. If you enjoy Regency Romance stories, Georgette Heyer's stories do a great job of captivating the period, excellently written and are very humorous--a great combination!

A side note:
Friday's Child and many other Georgette Heyer books have been reprinted by Sourcebooks Casablanca. I totally love the look and the feel of the book. The cover have beautiful pictures and are very appealing to the eye. Even though it is a paperback it has a very sturdy feel and the inside pages are very sturdy. I am dreaming of adding more to my bookshelf. Truly lovely!

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