Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Teaser Tuesday


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Betsy and the Great World by Maud Hart Lovelace

"Men!" she thought.

The first lesson she had learned on her travels had left her feeling cynical.

p. 110


  1. Thanks for leaving a note on my blog so I could find you! I LOVE the MH Lovelace books! I read them when I was little and then read them to my daughter when she was young, and then she read them to herself. And you know what - this same girl, now 27, picked up one of them the last time she stopped by. Isn't that great?! I'll be back to visit some more.

  2. Nice teaser! I've only read one of the Betsy books - the first one, about Betsy and Tacy. But I loved that one so much I've decided I need to read all the rest of them. Might take a while!

  3. Looks like a cute book! I love the look of your blog, too!

  4. Terrific teaser! I need to read a Betsy book as I have heard of the years wonderful things.

    Here is my Teaser Tuesday

  5. Hahaha
    How many of us Girls have NOT yelled about "MEN"! LOL cute teaser.
    Here is mine.



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