Friday, September 18, 2009

Book Review:First Things First: The Rules of Being a Warner by Kurt & Brenda Warner, Jennifer Schuchmann

Book Description:
In First Things First, Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kurt Warner and his wife, Brenda, talk candidly about their marriage, the values they are working to instill in their seven kids, things they've done right, mistakes they've made along the way, the importance of giving back, and the lasting legacy they hope to leave behind. The Warners also discuss how they focus on doing good rather than just looking good, both in their family and in their public roles. See how Kurt and Brenda co-parent their large family of seven, including one child with special needs.

My thoughts:
I kept seeing First Things First by Kurt & Brenda Warner in book catalogs and online book newsletters and it piqued my interest. Then I found it sitting on the shelf at the library. What is funny I didn't realize it was written by a football player. (Boy, that let's you know I thoroughly read the description--you would think the football on the front cover would give it away!). The first thing that Shade and Caleb said was "Kurt Warner!".

Prompted from responses from a newspaper articles about their "Rules of Being a Warner", Kurt & Brenda Warner talk about what makes their family work. Honestly, I can't say there was anything profound in it that I didn't know, BUT I really liked the openness that was shared about their home and family life and marriage. The Warners were honest, up front and very down to earth about their marriage and how they raise their kids, what they want to instill in their kids and portray as a family. A very uplifting read for all of us that are working hard in these areas for our family.

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