Thursday, September 10, 2009

2009-2010 School Year - Part 1

Well, it is hard to believe it is time to start school up again. We started last week and it has been exciting. We are still trying to figure how to entertain Delani. The first week she placed herself in the middle of the table!
This week she has picked a different sibling to bug the whole time they are trying to do their work. We are all thrilled when nap time comes!

Here is what Caleb, Destini & Chantry will be doing together.

The Two-Year Daily Reading & Prayer Bible
The Answers Book for Kids by Ken Ham
Favorite Poems Old and New selected by Helen Farris
Near the Cross(Sept)
Onward Christian Soldiers (Oct)
Have Thine Own Way (Nov)
Art Appreciation/Picture Study:
Claude Monet
Music Appreciation/Composer Study:
20th Century British-Ralph Vaughan Williams & Edward Elger

I will post more breaking down what each child is doing.

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