Monday, August 17, 2009

Book Review: Good Day!:The Paul Harvey Story by Paul Batura


I first heard about the Good Day!:The Paul Harvey Story from an interview with the author, Paul Batura on Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast. I really liked what I heard so I ordered the book from the library.

Book Description:
"Hello Americans, I'm Paul Harvey."
He was the voice of an era. Millions grew up listening to Paul Harvey News and Comment and The Rest of the Story, and trusted the great man who spoke for the little guy.

Good Day! by Paul J. Batura follows the remarkable life of one of the founding fathers of the news media. Paul Harvey started his career during the Great Depression and narrated America's story day by day, through wars and peace, the threat of communism and the crumbling of old colonial powers, consumer booms and eventual busts. In Good Day!, you'll follow,
* How he became "Paul Harvey"
* The remarkable adversity he confronted in his early years
* How he revolutionized the radio industry with his wife, Evelyn
* How a president wanted to "roast" him "good"
* How he was nearly jailed for pursuing a scoop

Paul J. Batura's Good Day! is a colorful biography of the radio pioneer-turned-legend whose guiding light saw the country through dark times. Whether he was covering racial tensions, terrorist attacks, or which vitamins to take, Paul Harvey articulated the American experience for average people making their way in a world too large for quick comprehension. Harvey brought them that world "in dime store words," with a sense of optimism and faith, and with a deep love for America. Here is Harvey's story, the rest of the story, as he would tell it himself.

I remember Paul Harvey the most from when I was a teenager. I loved listening to "The Rest of the Story". I don't think I paid too much attention to his news reports. I found that I really enjoyed his story. How he started in radio and worked his way up to his own program and style made for an interesting read. The end did end abruptly which I think had to do with his Mr. Harvey's death. It kind of left me feeling let down. Overall, if you like biographies and stories about people who have risen to the top then this would be a great book to pick.

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