Monday, May 11, 2009

Book Review: Lumby's Bounty

Lumby's Bounty is the third book in the Lumby Series. Here is a book description from

When a silly scheme commits Lumby to building a balloon for the regional festival it must host in twelve short weeks, the town's worthies take up the challenge, wreaking havoc along the way as test balloons suffer hilarious fates. But two foreigners who are visiting Saint Cross come to their rescue; Kai, a sincere young man who discovers his destiny is not in the priesthood, and his brother, Jamar, who brings his own brand of charismatic mischief to the scene and involves several locals in a wildly romantic real estate venture. As the festival approaches, the monks of Saint Cross Abbey, now nationally known for their good works, struggle to deal with the masses of devotees-and more than a few nutcases-flocking to take up residence on the monastery grounds. But in the end, the skies clear and The Bounty of Lumby, breathtaking in color and size, lifts off the ground and floats gently over Montis Inn.

I enjoyed going back to the little town of Lumby. It is fun to go back and revisit characters you have met from the previous books: Mark and Caroline, who are running the Montis Inn, the monks from Saint Cross Abbey, the incorrigible Brian Beezer, interesting news from The Lumby Lines, and of course, Hank, the plastic pink flamingo with an attitude. I do suggest to start at the beginning of the series with The Lumby Lines and follow with Stealing Lumby. Highly recommended!

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