Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Book Review: Open House for Butterflies

Today we read the book "Open House for Butterflies" by Ruth Krauss. At first I was kinda puzzled by the book until I realized it really is just a collection of little saying that kids would enjoy. Here are some the we enjoyed:

"A baby is so you could be boss"

"Loveabye is a good word to know"

"A good way to get yourself to bed is yell All aboard for bed!" (In the corner is an illustration of a little girl yawning with a saying next to it "I always go to bed after my bedtime" which very accuratly describes Destini.)

"A good thing to know is what a punch in the nose feels like in case somebody asks Do you want a punch in the nose?"

And Chantry's favorite:

"A good thing not to be is a plant because someone might think you are a weed and pull you up by the roots"
Chantry then suggested we need to buy this and I quite agree.


  1. That sounds like a cute book!!

  2. I like Ruth Krauss, but am not familiar with this book. We'll have to look for it now - thanks for reviewing it!

  3. What a neat book. I may use it this summer for writing prompts for my daughter. Great idea.



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